Meet the new Gerber's baby -- the first ever with Down syndrome

I’d call it a palate cleanser except that those are usually dumb and frothy. This is significant, and so sweet that it’s hard to watch without getting emotional. In a vacuum, a corporate ad gig is just a contest. Little Lucas won the baby equivalent of a beauty pageant, and rightly so. He’s cute as hell. Nothing more to it than that.

But we all understand the moral and political context. If you’re pro-life, and most of you reading this are, you know that Down’s babies are treated by most would-be parents as undesirables. They’re aborted at astronomical rates. In some European countries virtually 100 percent are killed in the womb; in the United States, a more religious nation, the rate is “only” two-thirds or so. The odds were against Lucas even being born. Now here’s Gerber’s making him the face of its product, an obvious statement about the value of Down’s children’s lives. He’s desirable after all.

Other Down’s parents are understandably elated:

“In a puddle of tears over here…my mama heart is so so thankful…when Bodie was born I believed a lie, that others would not value him as much as I do. But, today is a new day. It is such a beautiful, good day,” wrote samanthajob on Instagram.

Instagram user nicki_bloms wrote: “As a mama currently carrying a cutie with an extra chromosome this made my day!!! Thank you Gerber!! ”

User catfishwithketchup commented on Lucas’s Instagram photo: “My older sister has Down syndrome and she inspired my husband and I to start our family by adopting a baby with Down syndrome. That baby is almost 8 now and I’m so optimistic for her future opportunities thanks to initiatives like this. Thank you for celebrating the diversity of the human condition! He’s gorgeous! Awesome selection!”

The company deserves all the good press it’s going to get for this. I’m happy to do my tiny part here. Now, go look at him in his little bow tie.