The Trump prophecies

Something to cleanse the palate during a slow holiday news week. This comes from Pat Robertson’s CBN network, which is facing a dilemma: How do you out-Fox Fox News? America’s most famous evangelicals turn up on FNC every day to praise and glorify His name — “Him” meaning Trump — which leaves a dwindling political niche for an overtly Christian broadcast network. Why would you need to watch CBN for Trump coverage when you can watch Franklin Graham on “Fox & Friends” celebrating Jesus’ birth by giving thanks to God and to POTUS for owning the libs? What can CBN give you that Fox won’t?

Well, they can give you this. Watch below.

Question, though: Why didn’t the prophecy warn Trump not to appoint Jeff Sessions Attorney General? Apparently POTUS was surprised to learn after the fact that that might come with … complications.

Kelly, in his first weekend on the job, called Sessions to assure him his position was safe. But the rift between Trump and Sessions still has not healed. Recently, Trump bemoaned the Republicans’ loss in a special election in Alabama and in part blamed Sessions, whose departure from the Senate to head to Justice necessitated the election.

He offered Sessions his dream job and then blamed him for accepting it? What? Even for Trump, that’s an unlikely degree of blame-shifting. What probably happened is that a bunch of his advisors, including Sessions himself, assured POTUS before the AG nomination was made that Sessions’s seat in Alabama was among the safest in the country, an absolute lock to remain Republican in the special election created by a vacancy. And that was true, basically. The only way the GOP could have lost that seat was by nominating a uniquely terrible candidate with a history of underperforming in statewide elections and then have him get blasted by a scandal involving teenaged girls. It all came together. But it wasn’t Sessions who enabled Roy Moore’s candidacy; remember, when he was asked during testimony before Congress whether he believed Moore’s accusers, he said he had no reason to doubt them. That was his hint-hint to the state party to dump Moore. It was Trump who went to the mat for Moore and cemented his place on the ballot. Oh well.

Here’s the CBN clip. There must be someone out there with a theory that all of Nostradamus’s prophecies are actually about Trump saving the world for “Fox & Friends” to counter with. Exit question: The Holy Spirit told this guy the dollar would be strong under President Trump? God’s into currency valuation, huh?