You can't handle the truth about Santa

“Did you order the Christmas palate cleanser five days early?!” YOU’RE G-DDAMNED RIGHT I DID.

Here’s today’s reminder that the Internet is full of random geniuses with too much time on their hands. It’s also a reminder that, hoo boy, “A Few Good Men” sure did feature some grotesque overacting, didn’t it? It’s not even Nicholson who’s the worst offender, despite the fact that he’s playing a cartoon version of a Marine hardass. Look at that Cruise kid emote. Shorn of the actual dialogue, the scene looks even more ridiculously melodramatic than it actually is. It reminds me of that YouTube clip isolating David Lee Roth’s vocals on “Running with the Devil.” Great song, great singer, but drop the actual music and — hoo boy. Laughably ridiculous.

Exit question: Is “A Few Good Men” a good movie? The final courtroom confrontation is satisfying and all but … it’s hokey as hell, isn’t it?