Why does Disney's Trump robot look like a cross between Jon Voight and Hillary?

It’s never too early for a palate cleanser during the week before Christmas.

What happened here? In a world where Madame Tussaud’s is a household name for its lifelike replicas of celebrities, the company that owns “Star Wars” and “Pixar” can’t do better than this for the Hall of Presidents?

I’ll also accept Rutger Hauer as an answer. And while normally I’m averse to conspiracy theories, robo-Trump’s eyes *do* look a bit like Hillary Clinton’s here, don’t they?

Hard to believe Disney, of all corporations, would need to save a buck by repurposing a Hillary robot for Trump. Maybe the person who molded the face was a Trump-hater and decided to make him look as much like the “real” president as he/she could. If not, it’s still a great myth, a la the sculptor of the statue of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial supposedly having carved the back of Honest Abe’s head to resemble Robert E. Lee in profile.

But there’s also strong evidence that there was no deliberate sabotage. After all, Trump’s not the only robot at the Hall of Presidents who looks like garbage.

Disney just doesn’t do a good job with this stuff. But it’s okay. The charm of the Hall is watching humanoid robots in action and getting a small taste of what true American titans like Washington and Lincoln might have looked like in person. No one cares if Bill Clinton looks like Rachel Dratch in drag.

Here’s robo-Trump’s spiel at the newly reopened Hall, where he recently made his debut. If you want to watch this soundtracked to the audio from the “Access Hollywood” tape, that already exists too, of course.