Bros 2, LA City Council 0

A treat to cleanse the palate after a long week in case you haven’t seen it elsewhere. The bros here are fake (“Chad Kroeger” is the lead singer of Nickelback) but the Council — and the issue — are very real. LA is in fact headed towards increasing penalties on “party houses” in the Hollywood Hills because local residents are tired of the entertainment industry using buildings that are supposed to be homes as de facto nightclubs, producing traffic, noise, drunkenness, and assorted other nuisances. The city’s all set to rein them in by boosting fines.

But what about the bros? No one ever thinks of the bros. Shut down those house parties and they’ll be back to worrying about whether they’ll fit in, whether they’ll find love, whether they’ll be able to bench two plates.

The bit at the very end about surfers and body-boarders being “star-crossed” got me.