Sunday morning talking heads

No mystery what the topic du jour is on the Sunday shows. Senate Republicans are out in force this morning to take their victory lap over tax reform, beginning with Mitch McConnell on “This Week” and “Face the Nation.” He’ll be asked why, after spending eight years under Obama fretting about debt and deficits, his caucus just rubber-stamped a bill that’ll produce a cool trillion bucks in new deficits over the next 10 years. He’ll also be pressed on why Mike Lee’s and Marco Rubio’s effort to roll back tax cuts for corporations a tiny bit in order to expand the child tax credit for middle-class families went down in flames. I’m not sure what he can say to either question except to mumble something about growth and job creators. Expect him also to be asked about the going-nowhere effort in the Senate to expel Roy Moore if he wins Alabama’s special election 10 days from now and whether he’s concerned about the president in light of his, ah, especially “eccentric” tweeting lately.

Other Republicans on tap this morning: Lindsey Graham, who’ll follow McConnell on “Face the Nation”; Tim Scott, who’ll appear on “State of the Union”; and Susan Collins, who for once came through for Trump and McConnell on a big close vote. She’ll sit down with “Meet the Press.” OMB chief Mick Mulvaney will also turn up this morning to take a victory lap on the White House’s behalf and to talk about how he’s enjoying his new second job as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He’ll be on “Face the Nation” as well.

And no, don’t think that Russiagate and Mike Flynn’s plea deal have been lost in the ruckus over tax reform. Former Bush AG Michael Mukasey and Democratic attack dog Adam Schiff will be on “This Week” to discuss that. Finally, H.R. McMaster will guest on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the growing possibility of a nuclear attack on the continental United States by North Korea, a minor story you may have missed amid the much more important stuff happening this week. The full line-up is at the AP.