Ohio supreme court justice: Leave Al Franken alone because, just fyi, I've probably boinked 50 chicks myself

After all we’ve been through this week, how does the weirdest story about a politician and sex not involve Al Franken or Roy Moore?

As you might assume from his defense of Franken, this guy’s a Democrat. He’s a *sitting* supreme court justice in Ohio and a candidate to succeed John Kasich as governor. Annnnnd he’s “colorful,” shall we say:

The first time I read that I thought he was saying that he nailed Bob Taft. Anyway, early impressions on Twitter were that either his Facebook account was hacked or it was an impostor who’d created a parody account of O’Neill. But no, it’s really him:

In an interview with cleveland.com, O’Neill confirmed he wrote the post and defended Franken…

“Roy Moore apparently seems to be a challenged individual when it comes to morality,” O’Neill said. “I think that’s very, very clear. He’s been convicted of nothing and he’s never had the opportunity to defend himself and that violates due process in America. The media is about to determine the election of a United States Senate campaign.”

O’Neill also volunteered that he wasn’t sure if the number of women he referenced being sexually intimate with was actually 50, because he “doesn’t keep count.”

A state supreme court justice thinks it “violates due process” to accuse someone of something outside of court? What?

How did O’Neill end up on the bench, you ask. A glance at his electoral history provides a probable answer. He won election as an appellate judge 20 years ago with just 50 percent of the vote, then launched a series of campaigns for Congress and the Ohio Supreme Court that ended with him getting blown out every time — until 2012, that is, when he happened to be running in a presidential election year. Obama carried the state 51/48 and O’Neill likely benefited, winning his race for a supreme court seat 52/48. His campaign budget was just $4,000 from his own savings. This wasn’t his first colorful Facebook post either; recently he attacked NFL anthem protesters as “draft dodging millionaire athletes” (O’Neill is a veteran) and sided with John Kelly in his war of words with Dem Rep. Frederica Wilson over Trump’s condolence calls. For a judge, he’s a very loose cannon. Today he woke up and apparently felt like counting the notches on his bedpost and sharing the number with the world.

What’s a little caddishness in a would-be governor? Unacceptable, says the chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party:

Yeah, neither Franken nor Moore has been criticized for chasing women per se. Franken’s been rapped for allegedly kissing Leeann Tweeden without her consent, then pretending to grope her while she slept. Moore’s been accused of pursuing teenaged girls, some under the age of consent, while he was in his 30s and of assaulting one of them. O’Neill’s post is a total non sequitur, suggesting either that he doesn’t understand the problem with what Franken and Moore are accused of — again, this is a state supreme court justice — or that he’s using the scandals as a pretext to tell everyone how often he scored in his prime. Either way, this is probably the closest we’ve come to a prominent politician posting a dick pic since Anthony Weiner.

The best I can do to explain it apart from “possible mental health issue” is that O’Neill’s such a longshot for governor that he needs to do something, anything, to raise his name recognition statewide now. Mission accomplished.