Roy Moore's lawyer to MSNBC anchor: People of your "background" have arranged marriages, don't they?

A few of this guy’s highlights from the past week:

1. He went on CNN Friday night and addressed Don Lemon as “Don Lemon squeezy keep it easy.” Watch the second clip below if you don’t believe me.

2. He sent a letter to the Washington Post and a local Alabama news outlet threatening them with a defamation suit for their reporting on Moore, but the letter has grammatical mistakes and bizarre features like a “Genre Notice” section. Ken White and David French, both respected and experienced lawyers, seem to agree it’s the most embarrassing demand letter they’ve ever read.

3. His professional bio notes that he’s admitted to practice in the “United States Federal Court Middle District,” which doesn’t exist. Presumably he means the United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama. Defamation law isn’t his specialty, either. He’s an ambulance-chaser: “Trenton Garmon is an advocate for people and considers it an honor to battle major insurance companies, large corporations and other powerful people or entities on behalf of the injured and those who have lost a loved one.”

4. He went on MSNBC today and was asked a question about Roy Moore’s odd habit for a thirtysomething man of seeking parental permission before asking out a woman/girl he was interested in. Garmon could have made a straightforward point about cultural differences, e.g., that may not be common everywhere but Judge Moore is a gentleman and felt obliged to extend his date’s parents that courtesy no matter how old they were. Instead he dragged Ali Velshi’s “background” into it — Velshi is a Muslim of Indian ancestry and a citizen of Canada — to make his point about cultural differences. If this guy were smarter, I’d take that as a brazen attempt to wink at Republican voters by hinting that the judge isn’t about to sit by and be judged by some Muslim. As it is, I can’t tell if it’s a blunder or not. He seems to realize quickly how weird he sounds and notes that Velshi’s background is “awesome,” but too late. Too late.

How did the former chief justice of Alabama end up with this guy as his lawyer and spokesman at a moment of high political peril? Even allowing for the fact that many respected lawyers in Alabama might not want to take Moore on as a client, he can surely do better than this. Good lord.

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Jazz Shaw 8:01 PM on December 06, 2022