White man: I think I'm actually a Filipino woman

To cleanse the palate, say what you will about Rachel Dolezal but at least she made an effort. By this dude’s standard of “transracialism,” i.e. preferring another culture’s food and music, probably half of New York City is “trans-multiracial.” I’m one Ravi Shankar kick away from being Indian.

Two things. One: Much love to our Filipino readers and to the boss emeritus, Michelle Malkin, but the very idea of “balut” is gross. I hope “Ja Du” here isn’t appropriating that part of the culture, at least. Two: Given who’s currently running the Philippines, it would be a mistake for this guy to make a pilgrimage to his cultural ancestral homeland. Duterte was surprisingly moderate on LGBT issues as a strongman candidate but as a strongman president he’s toughened up. And when Duterte gets “tough,” bad things happen.