Rosie O'Donnell to Kevin Spacey: We all knew about you

I wonder how many underaged Spacey accusers it would take before Netflix shifts from canceling “House of Cards” to disappearing the show from its servers entirely.

Perhaps we’ll find out.

Rosie’s catching tons of flak for the first tweet below — it’s highlighted on Drudge too — with everyone asking the same question in response. If you knew he was chasing kids, how the hell could you or anyone else sit by silently? Sexual harassment is bad, sexual assault is much worse, but child molestation is its own special category of depravity. O’Donnell’s response? We didn’t know about any kids.

We’ll see what Corey Feldman has to say about it if and when he starts talking. In the meantime, here’s an interesting tweet from Rose McGowan:

I go back and forth between thinking Spacey’s cynical “by the way, I’m gay!” damage-control statement last night in response to the charges by Anthony Rapp was sinister genius or a colossal mistake. The case for genius: By connecting Rapp’s allegations to his orientation, Spacey’s implicitly daring the media not to chase any further stories about him. Now that his homosexuality is front and center, any new dirt about him coming on to kids will be seen as poisonous PR for the gay-rights movement, which has spent decades trying to counter the smear that gays are predisposed to prey on kids. A gay-friendly institution like the media wouldn’t want to foster that image and undo social progress but that’s the position Spacey may have put them in. Some outlets have already treated his coming out last night as bigger news than Rapp’s accusation, which compounds the problem *and* buries the lede about his alleged misconduct. Genius!

Or maybe not. The case for a colossal mistake: Lots of commentators, many of them gay, are wise to the game he’s playing here and have ripped him apart for it today.

Actor Zachary Quinto, who’s gay himself, laid him out:

Rosie has also made the point repeatedly on Twitter today that Spacey’s a pedophile if Rapp is telling the truth. His potential miscalculation here is obvious. Not only is Spacey at risk of everyone turning on him over Rapp’s charges, he’s now also at risk of gay-rights supporters turning on him twice over for having tried to exploit their identity as a defense to a serious charge of child predation. The media might be cowed about chasing Spacey dirt for fear of conflating pedophilia with homosexuality unless it gets cover from prominent gays to go after him precisely because they want to show that there’s as little tolerance for child molesters among their group as there is among straights. That seems to be what’s happening so far.

This old post from the Gawker archives is recirculating today in light of the Rapp accusations. It’s all gossip, true to Gawker form, but you do get a taste from some stories about what O’Donnell might have meant in calling Spacey a creep. Meanwhile, the Times is out tonight with a new story about the scandal that started it all, l’affaire Weinstein, and just how far back Big Harv was allegedly raping women. Two say they were assaulted in the late 1970s. Forty years of impunity.

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