Megyn Kelly on Bill O'Reilly: Who puts years-old thank-you notes in a file just in case they need them?

A good question, actually. The obvious point to be made about the thank-you notes from Kelly and Gretchen Carlson that O’Reilly’s been waving around is that they don’t disprove anything. They were written years before Kelly got ticked off at him last November for essentially telling harassment victims to find a new place to work if they’re unhappy where they are. What she wants to know, though, is why O’Reilly still had the notes to begin with. He’s had them socked away somewhere. How come? Either he’s a big softie who treasures warm correspondence from friends as keepsakes or he’s viewing these notes when he receives them as means to try to impeach the credibility of critics and accusers later, in case someone makes an allegation.

He doesn’t come off as a big softie in public.

Another point Kelly makes: Sometimes you’re blessed to have an HR department that takes harassment accusations seriously, although, as she says, “even if HR is a real option, it doesn’t always go your way.” Make an allegation that you can’t back up with hard proof and you, not the harasser, may be treated as the “problem employee.” Sometimes, though, your HR department doesn’t take such accusations seriously; sometimes the department answers to the guy who harassed you, as was the case with Kelly and Roger Ailes. What if HR is doing its best, though, but *other* departments are working against you to try to protect the company’s reputation? Fox News alum Kirsten Powers tweeted this morning that it wasn’t HR that was the real pitbull in the building, it was the legal and PR departments:

Kelly also singled out the FNC PR department in her monologue about O’Reilly a few days ago, mentioning Irena Briganti by name. Here’s the Facebook post to which Powers refers in her first tweet. written by a former New Jersey assemblyman who claims to have dated one of the women with whom O’Reilly reached a settlement. It’s, uh, interesting.

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