Tapper to Tillerson: Did you or did you not call the president of the United States a moron?

Good lord. How hard would it be to just say “of course not,” especially when his press secretary’s already said it? Even if it’s a lie, no one would fault him for telling it. Just put the story to bed. Tapper even goes so far as to warn him explicitly that a non-denial’s going to sound like a tacit admission that he really did call Trump a moron. Tillerson’s response: Let’s move on. POTUS was sufficiently wounded by Tillerson’s first non-denial that he felt obliged to defend his IQ in an interview. Imagine his reaction when he sees this.

It seems we’re going to have to wait for the “Moron” chapter of T-Rex’s post-firing tell-all for final confirmation. I wonder of that chapter’s already been written.

In related news, he still has his testicles. Literally, if not figuratively. Exit question via Josh Barro: Tillerson won’t dignify a question about whether he called Trump a moron by answering it but he will dignify a question about whether he’s been castrated?