One night only: Trump. Tillerson. IQ test. Pay per view. Loser resigns.

Trump would totally go for this, especially once he’s promised that it’d be the biggest PPV gate of all time. Tillerson would find it beneath both his personal dignity and the dignity of the presidency — but he’d sign on too, as it’d be a perfect opportunity for him to exit the administration. All he’d have to do is take a dive. “Calculate the length of the hypotenuse of the following triangle.” “ORANGE.”

Problem is, he has a degree in civil engineering and he’s up against a guy who can’t spell “heal.” He’d win purely by accident.

First question at the IQ Bowl: “Your deputy has been credibly accused of calling you a ‘moron’ privately. Is it a good or bad idea to keep that story alive by commenting on it a week later?”

[Trump] counterpunches, in this case firing a shot at Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who reportedly called his boss a moron: “I think it’s fake news, but if he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win.”

They’re having lunch today at the White House. If Tillerson has any self-respect left he’ll use it as an opportunity to tender his resignation. For what it’s worth:

The second question at the IQ Bowl should be, “Is it a good or bad idea to continually insult the guy in charge of confirming your next nominee for Secretary of State?” Tillerson’s answer: Bad. Trump’s answer:

The Times didn’t set Corker up. On the contrary, he made sure the audio of his interview with them, in which he wondered if Trump might loose-cannon his way into World War III, was recorded. POTUS is flattering himself by pretending that Corker would be too intimidated to attack him on the record even though he called the White House an “adult day care center” on Twitter just two days ago. Corker’s a lame duck; he’ll attack Trump many more times before he leaves the Senate. He’s not afraid. If anything, he seems to be going out of his way to publicize his doubts about Trump’s stability.

Bold move by the writers of our national reality show, by the way, in scheduling this silly episode back to back with the silly “ex-wives bicker” one.