Sunday morning talking heads

North Korean nuclearization, decertification of the Iran deal, Puerto Rico’s recovery, Rex Tillerson’s shaky job status: All are worthy topics for the Sunday shows and all have been almost completely sidelined by the massacre in Las Vegas. The star guests scheduled across the five main programs this morning have all been booked to discuss Stephen Paddock’s inexplicable rampage, with one exception. That would be … Steve Scalise, who’ll be on “Meet the Press” to talk about surviving an entirely different mass shooting.

Elsewhere, it’s Dianne Feinstein and Wayne LaPierre of the NRA on “Face the Nation” to discuss banning bump stocks; outspoken gun-grabber Chris Murphy of Connecticut on “State of the Union” to make the case for tighter restrictions; and casino mogul Steve Wynn and Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America on “Fox News Sunday” to chat about security in Vegas going forward and new gun-control regulations, respectively.

If you’re exasperated with the gun-control debate, and who could blame you, Mick Mulvaney will be on “Meet the Press” to preview whether tax reform has a prayer of passing Congress. The full line-up is at the AP.