Sunday morning talking heads

You can tell how eager the White House is to explain the latest failure of “repeal and replace” by who’s been tapped this morning to appear on its behalf. It’s Marc Short, Trump’s director of legislative affairs and a man whom not one in a thousand Americans could identify. He’ll be on “Meet the Press,” “Fox News Sunday,” and “Face the Nation” to say whether it’s curtains for the repeal effort or whether there’s still some hope of getting to 50 in the Senate. Although if you’re curious about that, there’s no reason to watch Short: Instead watch Rand Paul, who’ll also sit down with MTP, and Susan Collins, who’ll appear on FTN and “State of the Union.” Paul and Collins are both leaning strongly towards voting no on the Graham-Cassidy health-care reform bill, which, coupled with McCain’s no vote, would sink it. Collins is probably a goner but Paul is under heavy pressure not to kill the last best chance of repeal, with Trump tweeting Saturday morning that he thinks there’s still a chance of winning him over. If Collins and Paul both announce that they’re committed to voting no this morning, which is a distinct possibility, you’ll get to watch the dream of repeal die in real time, on live TV.

Nancy Pelosi will also be on MTP to gloat over the GOP’s inability to pass anything except maybe the DREAM amnesty she and our “border hawk” president are discussing. The full line-up is at the LAT.

Allahpundit Aug 09, 2022 5:01 PM ET