"F*** James Comey": Protesters try to shout down Comey's convocation address -- for 16 minutes

To cleanse the palate, there may not be a room anywhere in America that this guy can walk into at this point without meeting political hostility. If he’s among Democrats, he’s the man who tanked Hillary Clinton’s chances by reopening the Emailgate investigation 10 days before the election. If he’s among Republicans, he’s the man who refused three requests to say publicly that the president wasn’t under investigation in Russiagate and who then started leaking memos about their conversations after he was fired. If he’s the honored speaker at the convocation for Howard University, where he’s a guest lecturer, he’s the man who speculated that rising crime in some cities could be the result of a “viral video effect,” in which cops are afraid to confront the bad guys for fear of being recorded by civil-rights activists. Imagine spending your career working in what’s supposed to be a non-political field and somehow ending up have made a political enemy of pretty much everyone in the country.

I wonder what sort of reception he thought he’d get today. He’s a former head of the FBI addressing a historically black university at a moment when college audiences seem to be trying to one-up each other in showing how hostile they can be to the insufficiently enlightened. He would have been better off politely declining the invitation.

Protesters raised their right fists in the air and chanted, “We shall not be moved.” They also said, “F— James Comey” and “No justice, no peace.”

Comey was unable to speak at first due to the disruption. After several minutes, Comey tried to begin. “I hope you’ll stay and listen to what I have to say. … I listened to you for five minutes,” he said, before pausing again…

Comey had to raise his voice throughout the address as the chanting persisted. The protesters later said they were with the group HU Resist and were protesting “state-sanctioned violence.”

In his remarks, Comey said he appreciated the demonstrators’ “enthusiasm” but wishes they could understand “what a conversation is.”

Again: He knew he was speaking at a university, right?

The first clip will give you a taste of how badly things went but I recommend taking 20 seconds to skip around the full-length second clip, just to see how long the protest went on. For 16 farking minutes they chanted. Who’s indefatigability is more impressive, theirs or his?