Valerie Plame: Hey, check out this thought-provoking article about Jews driving America's wars

Something zesty to cleanse the palate. Remember her? Outed as a CIA analyst by Richard Armitage in Plamegate, she was a cause celebre of the anti-war, anti-Bush left in the middle of the last decade, right around the time that Cindy Sheehan was. Sheehan turned out to be a bit … eccentric politically, but oh well.

Not good ol’ Valerie Plame.

The politically correct term is “globalists” but we live in a politically incorrect age. Anyway, much outrage and dark humor ensued on Twitter after she tweeted that, leading to Plame’s first ill-advised attempt at spin. Chill out, she responded. The piece is provocative but “many neocon hawks ARE Jewish.” Set aside your biases and think clearly. Like this:

Mandatory labeling of Jews as Jews in public is pretty thought-provoking. Further outrage and dark humor then ensued over her willingness to double down, until someone apparently pulled her aside and convinced her to retreat, which she did, furiously. That’s how we went from “this piece is thoughtful and deserves your attention” to “I didn’t read this piece” in the span of a few hours:

In fairness, it’d be easy to miss the “gross undercurrents” in a piece titled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars” if all you’d done is skimmed it. The lesson here, I guess, is to always read items about Jews instigating wars carefully before tweeting out the link.

Minor problem for Special Agent Heinrich, though: She has a Twitter archive and people have begun combing through it.

Maybe the real lesson is how obscure Plame has become since the days of Plamegate. She’s been tweeting out stuff like this semi-regularly for years and only *today* has she finally been called on it? She was on CNN less than a month ago promoting her dopey stunt of raising money to buy Twitter in order to ban Trump from the platform. Sean Spicer “lacks credibility” to the point where he can’t be hired as a contributor but somehow Valerie Plame apparently has enough to still qualify as a guest. Why does she hate Trump anyway when she seems to have something important in common with his alt-right fans? Her first appearance at a “Unite the Right” rally is going to be lit like a tiki torch.

I believe this is now officially the longest “milkshake-ducking” in American political history.