Sunday morning talking heads

Lots of red-meat policy on the menu for brunch this fine Sunday morning, starting with Bernie Sanders and his new single-payer bill. He’ll be on “Meet the Press” to tout the benefits of “Medicare for all” and to dodge question after question about how America’s supposedly going to pay for it. He’ll also try to resist Chuck Todd’s attempts to goad him into a war of words with Hillary Clinton, probably unsuccessfully. Joining him on MTP is Republican Tom Cotton, one of the two principal sponsors of the RAISE Act, a bill that would reduce legal immigration and make skills, not family relationships, the key criterion for admitting foreigners to the U.S. Cotton said recently that he’d consider supporting an amnesty for DREAMers in return for some or all of the RAISE Act. Is he standing firm on that, now that Trump seems ready to wheel and deal with Democrats on DREAM, or will he reduce his price?

If you’re not up for domestic policy, the White House has deployed its three heaviest hitters on foreign policy this morning to address questions on North Korea, specifically whether the prospects of war are as real as they sounded when H.R. McMaster and Nikki Haley spoke at the White House press briefing on Friday. McMaster will appear on “This Week” and “Fox News Sunday,” Haley will guest on “State of the Union,” and Rex Tillerson will sit down with “Face the Nation,” hopefully to explain what the heck he’s doing with the State Department nowadays.

If none of that grabs you, Mike Bloomberg will be on “Meet the Press” after Sanders and Cotton to discuss his disgust with the two-party system and how what America needs is a good hard dose of bipartisan centrism. It’s a day ending in “Y,” isn’t it? The full line-up is at the AP.