Video: "I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could come to"

A late-night palate cleanser that’s gone viral as a supreme example of something being funny because it’s true. Carrey’s not really playing (much) for laughs here — he’s a man with a lot on his mind, and what he says about everything being meaningless has more than a hint of despair to it. But a comic’s instinct is to find the absurdity in the pretensions of the people around him and he’s at ground zero for absurd pretensions. This was shot at New York Fashion Week, at some gala to celebrate “icons” or whatever, and he’s being cornered by a stargazing reporter from E! television. It is, in fact, the most meaningless situation a human adult might reasonably find himself in. All he has to do is acknowledge the obvious to turn this into gold. The reporter, who seems (understandably) lost, should have thanked him for being so nice: At any moment you feel like he’s about to ask her if she’s satisfied with her career choices.

And the thing is, if he had, she would have had to say yes. And that would have made it so much worse.

I hope Carrey’s okay. I’ve always liked him despite his forays into crankery. He seems shockingly thin to my eye here.