Hillary: I bought the house next door in Chappaqua for my staff to use during presidential vacations

The clip Ed posted earlier is newsier but this one is worth watching for the pure schadenfreude value. As Oscar Wilde might say, one must have a heart of stone to watch it without laughing — especially when she claims she doesn’t regret the purchase. Financially that may be true; the $1.16 million cost of that house can be worked off in a couple of hours of speeches to Goldman Sachs. Imagine, though, having bought something in the quite reasonable expectation that you’d need it once you became president of the United States and losing in the upset of the century … then having to look at it, day after day, a monument to hubris and futility right out your window. It’s Hillary’s own Ozymandias statue. I wonder how many times she’s snuck in there at night to get drunk in the darkness.

What does she do with it now? She and Bill could use it as a guest house for Chelsea’s family, or for whichever banker friend is on vacation that week. Or they could put it on AirBNB and watch the money roll in for an overnight stay next door to the Clintons. These are people who rented out the Lincoln Bedroom; they know how to monetize property. The basement would need to remain off-limits to all guests, though, as I assume that’s where Verrit operates out of.

You know there’s a replica Oval Office in there somewhere, hidden behind a false wall.

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