Wow: Hurricane survivor rips CNN for exploitation

An irresistible opportunity to pile on Trump fans’ least favorite cable network (especially with the insufferable Jim Acosta anchoring), but tell me honestly. What should CNN have done? The public’s interested in hearing from people who’ve survived the storm. Many people who’ve survived the storm are interested in talking about what they’ve experienced. And obviously CNN’s reporter is sympathetic. There’s no sign that she’s badgering the woman or being aggressive.

What are the ground rules for interviewing witnesses to a catastrophe, whether natural or man-made? Think back to all of the eyewitness accounts on 9/11, some by people covered in ash. I think it comes down to how this woman was approached: Did CNN wander through the shelter and corner her when she was clearly still reeling from what she went through or were they stationed somewhere inside the shelter where people who wanted to talk could approach? There’s a fine line, as Harry Enten said, between humanizing the disaster and exploiting it. It’s not obvious from this snippet which side of the line CNN was on.

Too bad Acosta was in the studio instead of on the scene. This woman wouldn’t have been able to get a word in edgewise. Fair warning: There’s profanity ahead.

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David Strom 8:31 AM on October 05, 2022