Tillerson on Charlottesville: The admin expresses American values, Trump speaks for himself

The president doesn’t articulate American values on race according to his own Secretary of State, huh? “Rexit” must be near. There’s no way Tillerson would shank Trump like this if he was hoping to hold his job for much longer.

This hard jab at the boss underlines the strange timing of Trump ridding the White House of nationalists at a moment when he’s under fire for his Charlottesville reaction. The one man in the West Wing who loudly supported Trump’s comments afterward was … Steve Bannon, who was out of a job within the week. Sebastian Gorka, another big name among Trump’s nationalist base, left two days ago. The “globalists” are in ascendance — but the “globalists” are the ones most likely to take issue with Trump’s “very fine people on both sides” equivocating. We’re experiencing a weird moment where centrists like Tillerson and Gary Cohn keep dogging the president publicly for how he responded to Charlottesville and meanwhile it’s the populists like Bannon and Gorka who are being ushered out. If Trump flips out and starts canning people like Tillerson for insubordination, who’ll be left?

I fear The Christie Era will be upon us sooner rather than later.

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