Sunday morning talking heads

An eventful week for the White House ends, not surprisingly, with zero Trump surrogates booked for the Sunday shows (at least as of Saturday afternoon). There are two primary topics of discussion this morning, Charlottesville and Steve Bannon’s departure, and neither one is hospitable terrain for an administration spokesman. Instead the most prominent Republican booked is … John Kasich, who’ll be on to discuss the “moral imperative” of opposing Trump and the pipe dream of defeating him in a primary in 2020. He’ll sit down with Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” as will Sen. Tim Scott, who also spoke starkly about Trump’s “moral” failure in his reaction to last weekend’s violence.

The show to watch, though, may be “Meet the Press,” which will be looking at Charlottesville through what’s shaping up to be a verrrry left-wing prism. Among the guests: Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Mark Bray, author of a book about Antifa. The SPLC has been notorious for years on the right for painting even mainstream ideological opponents as “hate groups.” Bray, meanwhile, was on TV this week assuring interviewers that just as violence was necessary to defeat Nazism in the past, it’s needed again now. Highlighting two conspicuously irresponsible actors on the left is an interesting move by MTP as a gloss on Charlottesville. We’ll see how hard Chuck Todd is on them.

The full line-up is at the AP.