CNN highlight reel: It's been a rough four weeks for the White House

You’ve got the whole Trump/media conundrum here in one tidy two-minute package. On the one hand, this is pure derision during what’s supposed to be a news program. Brooke Baldwin even mugs for the camera by theatrically sipping water halfway through. And some of the fouls called are ticky-tack. It’s not weird, for instance, for the president to “begrudgingly” sign a sanctions bill that had at its main goal limiting his ability to lift sanctions with Russia as part of diplomatic negotiations. Can’t knock Trump fans for viewing CNN as oppositional when they’re running “can you believe this guy?” packages in the middle of the afternoon, during the “hard news” hours.

On the other hand: Can you believe this guy? Being reminded that all of this happened in the span of four weeks makes me want to huff paint. Jarring news breaks at such a headlong pace lately that time itself seems to slow down if you follow it daily. Anthony Scaramucci’s firing feels like it happened 800 news cycles ago, and it did — but in the Trump era, that’s only 21 days. I think it would feel differently if legislation were moving through Congress, as the passage of major bills would become the signposts along the road that mark the Trump presidency. As it is, without anything hitting Trump’s desk, the only landmarks are the bits of political roadkill Baldwin describes. I honestly couldn’t tell you at this point when the Senate voted on ObamaCare repeal. It feels like months ago but I know it was in July. Was it the week before Mooch was fired? Or was it the week before Reince was fired? The latest bit of chaos is the White House’s Committee on Arts & Humanities voting to disband in protest of Trump’s Charlottesville remarks. Here’s the group’s letter; note what the first letter of each paragraph spells. This passes for mundane news now.

There’s every reason to believe things will continue like this. More chaos, more increasingly open mockery by “neutral” media. I wonder what that yin-yang effect does to the president’s Republican support.