Wolf Blitzer: People will ask, was the Barcelona terror attack a copycat of Charlottesville?

Via the Media Research Center and CNS, after eight jihadi car-ramming terror attacks this year alone, I think it’s more likely people will ask whether Wolf ate paint chips as a kid.

The funniest part is that Jim Sciutto’s trying to set him up for an easy point, that fanatics with conflicting ideologies nonetheless take tactical lessons from each other. It’s possible that James Fields got the idea for his car attack from the Islamist terror attacks in London and elsewhere. But why would a jihadi in Barcelona (assuming that’s who’s responsible) have needed inspiration from Shields? His own movement has made this a signature lately. He got the idea, I’m sure, from them.

But you already know all that. The real question is whether Wolf is the Brick Tamland of cable news.

David Strom 7:01 PM on September 24, 2022