Sunday morning talking heads

How do you like your news this Sunday morning? Sober and deadly serious or colorful and clownish? If you’re in the mood for something light, Anthony Scaramucci makes his not-so-triumphant return to television by sitting down with George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.” He’ll discuss what it’s like to uproot your life to go work for the president only to be dismissed 10 days later because you couldn’t resist making a joke during an on-the-record interview about Steve Bannon fellating himself. He’ll also elaborate on his claim that Ryan Lizza, the reporter who conducted that interview, is the “Linda Tripp of 2017.” Does that make Mooch … Monica Lewinsky? We go live now to Monica herself for reaction:

If you’re tired of the Scaramucci show, the grown-ups in the White House are fanning out across various programs today to address the North Korean nuclear threat and the prospect of war. Nationalist bete noire H.R. McMaster will appear on “This Week” and “Meet the Press,” CIA chief Mike Pompeo will guest on “Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday,” and Trump counterterror advisor Tom Bossert will sit down with “State of the Union.” The word earlier this week was that North Korea’s nukes have reached a dangerous phase now that they’ve figured out how to miniaturize warheads but that their missiles still don’t quite yet pose a threat to the continental U.S. As it turns out, that may be less true than we’d hope.

Expect McMaster et al. to also be pressed on the “military option” for Venezuela, which the president laid on the table on Friday because, I guess, sounding “tough” is its own reward. Never mind whether the phony threat of an American attack might be useful to Nicolas Maduro in clinging to power. The full line-up is at the AP.