Dem congresswoman: The NRA and Dana Loesch are becoming domestic security threats

This isn’t just a federal lawmaker using sedition as a club against her political enemies. She’s a former D.A. and assistant U.S. Attorney. You have someone with years of experience as a prosecutor here hinting that we should start thinking about gun-rights advocacy in criminal terms.

Is she running for something? My hunch with absurd base-pleasing hyperbole like this from a politician is that they have reason to believe a higher office will soon open up and they’re muscling for position. If Kirsten Gillibrand ends up stepping down from the Senate to run for president in 2020, or (gulp) becomes president, Rice might be thinking of taking a shot at her seat.

A contributing factor to Rice’s idiocy may be that the NRA’s messaging lately has been ostentatiously antagonistic to liberals, and Loesch for the most part has been the face of it. The “clenched fist of truth” ad got under their skin a few months ago; then a new ad last week promised to “fisk” biased media outlets, a line which some on the left, er, misheard. Other ads not involving Loesch have also gone after the left and the media on culture-war grounds. Democrats hate the NRA on substance because of its position on the Second Amendment but they really hate it now that it’s turned towards Fox-News-ish left-baiting in an era where it lacks a galvanizing enemy in the White House. Maybe Rice was annoyed at all that and at the group’s timidity in condemning the Philando Castile shooting and decided to vent her inner thug. What better way for a Democrat to “virtue-signal” to her side than by labeling right-wingers domestic terrorists?

Here’s a taste of NRA TV from a few days ago to illustrate the group’s shift towards a more all-purpose anti-liberal platform. By 2020 the NRA may be to gun rights what MTV currently is to music videos.

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John Sexton 1:00 PM on December 05, 2022