Skip Bayless: If black NFL players sat out week one to protest Colin Kaepernick's treatment, it would really have an impact

I mean, he’s not wrong. It definitely would have an impact on the fan base.

The NFL as we know it is going away sooner or later. Why not have it go sooner, in a burst of social-justice glory? Via the IJR:

“If the black players would unite, and say, ‘We will not play Game 1 this year,’” Bayless said Tuesday, “I promise you, it would have an impact and would get something done.”…

Last week, Bayless and his co-host Shannon Sharpe talked about why — in their view — so many “white people” dislike Kaepernick. Bayless concluded that most people can’t get past the fact that the NFL star “disrespected” the American flag.

“Most white people deep down know [Kaepernick] is right,” Bayless opined.

The civil-rights issue of our time: Whether Colin Kaepernick gets to be a mediocre back-up for a struggling NFL franchise somewhere.

I can understand why a team based in Miami would prefer a sad sack like Jay Cutler to a guy whose Castro apologetics caught the notice of local sportswriters even when he was a 49er. What about Cleveland, though? When your team stinks year after miserable year and you’re coming off a horror show involving Johnny Manziel, RG III, and — shudder — now Brock Osweiler, you should be willing to start Huey Newton at QB if he can find the end zone. Nothing makes a fan forgive and forget socks with cops as pigs on them like a surprise wild-card berth.

A Twitter pal asks: Why doesn’t Skip decide to forfeit his pay until Kaepernick gets signed somewhere? Say what you will about his politics, CK chose to lead by example. Now’s the chance for Bayless to prove his wokeness like Kaepernick did, by taking a massive pay cut. Exit question: If it makes sense for NFL teams to worry about their bottom line in refusing to sign Kaepernick, why isn’t that also a valid reason for Google to have fired James Damore? Whether the two men’s politics are right or wrong is of no consequence to a corporate entity that’s worried first and last about profits, right?

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