Looks like Kid Rock is running for Senate, because why not

This is the celebrity political culture ye wanted, this is the celebrity political culture ye shall have.

Andrew Kirell of the Daily Beast points out that KR didn’t explicitly say that he was running, only that the merchandise-hawking website he linked to is real. Hmmm. Fair enough, but it’d be a shame if he decided against taking the plunge. The predictable Rust Belt dispatches from reporters eager to take the pulse of the “real America” would make it all worth it:

Here’s the last tweet Rock posted before his campaign one, by the way:

He’s promising a “major announcement in the near future.” And here’s what greets you at the website:

I believe that’s only the second time in American history that a campaign website has featured the phrase “Pimp of the Nation,” following Clinton/Gore ’96.

Meanwhile at BuzzFeed, which almost singlehandedly baited Donald Trump into running for president, they’re busy baiting another charismatic celebrity amateur into entering politics — this time with the White House’s help:

The White House is not yet fretting over a potential 2020 challenge from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and a new political action committee filed with the FEC this week to convince the movie star and former WWE wrestler to run doesn’t appear to have changed the administration’s stance.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” a White House official told BuzzFeed News in June, making it clear that they didn’t see the topic as a serious one. The official declined to comment when asked Wednesday to follow up now that a West Virginia man with no connection to Johnson has launched a PAC backing his potential candidacy.

It’s going to happen. And when it does, if Kid Rock wins in Michigan next year and we convince Dwayne Johnson to run for president eventually as a Republican (which he is), we’re all set up for a Rock/Rock ticket in 2024.

Elsewhere in our very serious political system today, the president appears to have an imaginary friend named “Jim” who won’t go to Paris anymore because of all the dangerous foreigners. Only eight more years until the Rock Era begins. Exit question: Doesn’t Ted Nugent also live in Michigan? How are we not getting the “Rock vs. Nugent” Senate primary we deserve?