Bernie Sanders: This GOP health-care bill could be like nine 9/11s every year

A leftover from yesterday in which Bernie reminds us again that the “climate of hate” moral panic only works against one side. Imagine a Republican senator having a deranged fan who shot up a baseball field full of Democratic congressmen, then turning around a few weeks later and explicitly framing the latest Democratic bill in terms of how many terrorist attacks it’s equivalent to. At best, that would be denounced as grossly irresponsible. At worst, knowing incitement.

By Sanders’s logic, isn’t ObamaCare itself a moral disaster? After all, anything short of universal coverage with the government as sole provider runs the risk that People Will Die. Americans can still avoid coverage by paying the mandate penalty under O-Care, assuming they’re not tossed off their plans in the first place as insurers flee the exchanges. How many 9/11s per year are ObamaCare’s deficiencies equivalent to?

Here’s the clip via the Free Beacon. If we’re lucky, we’ll have President Sanders in 2021 and soon health care for all Americans will be as good as it as at, say, the VA. People don’t die there.