Hot new Democratic slogan: "I mean, have you seen the other guys?"

I don’t know if this counts as “new.” It was 95 percent of Hillary’s messaging last year, the other five percent being “Wisconsin’s in the bag.”

It has never been clearer than at this moment: Trump will be president for life.

“Malpractice,” says lefty Chris Hayes. The other options are almost as bad, if you can believe it:

“Make Congress Blue Again.” Do these people not understand the mood of their own base? They’re spoiling for a fight. They want to lash back at the Republicans who’ve been beating them, substantively or emotionally or both. They can go substantive — “SINGLE PAYER NOW” — or they can go emotional — “IMPEACH” or “TRUCK FUMP.” Or they can go funny. Here’s a vastly better version of the “Have you seen the other guys?” lameness:

“FREE SH*T” would work too. You need to be seriously bad at this to get owned for it by people in the other party who are also traditionally seriously bad at this:

I won’t lie. I’m excited to see what Mitch McConnell will do with a filibuster-proof majority. Exit question via a Twitter pal: Isn’t “have you seen the other guys?” the takeaway of pretty much all liberal infotainment dating back to the Jon Stewart era? The DCCC’s just giving the faithful what they think they want.