Sunday morning talking heads

Befitting the fact that health-care reform is a Republican-only endeavor in the Senate, it’s a “GOP vs. GOP” battle over the subject on today’s Sunday shows. Making the case for moderates is John Kasich, one of many Republican governors leery of rolling back ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion. Kasich is term-limited and won’t have to suffer the consequences if McConnell’s bill scales down Medicaid funding; other governors aren’t as lucky. He’ll be on “This Week” to try to push Trump and the Senate towards the center.

Opposing him are a trio of Senate conservatives who want more robust repeal of ObamaCare. Rand Paul will be on “Fox News Sunday,” Ben Sasse will guest on “State of the Union,” and Mike Lee will appear on “Face the Nation.” Lee is the most interesting of the three as he and Ted Cruz are trying to broker a deal that can get through both houses and onto Trump’s desk. He also criticized the current bill a few days ago for neglecting the middle class in order to benefit the rich, signaling that he’s open to compromise that might appeal to moderate Republicans.

Bernie Sanders will also be on “State of the Union” to talk health care. He’s irrelevant to the current debate but, let’s face it, his preferred system is the one we’re going to end up with eventually. The only question is when. The full line-up is at the AP.

Jazz Shaw Jul 06, 2022 9:01 AM ET