Trump cancels "Energy Week," decides it's "Mika Brzezinski's Facelift Week" instead

Trump cancels "Energy Week," decides it's "Mika Brzezinski's Facelift Week" instead

Alleged facelift, I should say. It’d be a fun postscript to this own-goal if the president of the United States got sued by a cable-news host for defamation.

As nasty and stupid as it is for him to sink to this, increasingly I think it’s the least he can do for his base. We may not get a decent health-care bill or tax reform or stronger borders but we’ll have plenty of sick media burns to look back on when we reflect on the Trump years. This panem et circenses is the best panem et circenses, believe me:

The standards for presidential decorum were higher not so long ago! Anyway, he’s getting it from all sides in the aftermath. From Brzezinski herself…

…from her network spokesmen…

…from senators in his own party…

…and even from his would-be press secretary:

Although one man remains ever loyal:

And of course, Team Trump is on message — not about health care or energy but about the president’s main preoccupation. Keep in mind, Melania Trump’s main initiative as First Lady thus far has been, uh, combating cyberbullying:

I wonder if “Morning Joe” imagined when it was promoting this guy during the Republican primaries that the story would end with him tweeting about Mika’s plastic surgery from the White House. And to think, less than six months ago Trump was supposedly offering to officiate at Joe’s and Mika’s wedding. In hindsight, perhaps we’ll remember today as the day Scarborough resolved to primary Trump.

I’m already looking forward to the investigation into Mika’s facelift on tonight’s very special episode of “Hannity.” In lieu of an exit question, I’ll just link you to this old post by Kevin Williamson written the day of the Indiana primary last year, when Trump eliminated Ted Cruz and effectively clinched the nomination. Ben Shapiro makes a fair point: In certain ways, Trump is the right-wing equivalent of late-night liberal comedians like Samantha Bee or Stephen Colbert. The difference is that the left hasn’t sought to make any of them president. Yet.

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