Scarborough, Brzezinski postpone vacation in order to respond to Trump on air tomorrow

Many people are saying it’ll be the highest-rated episode of “Morning Joe” ever, believe me.

Genuine dilemma here for the happy couple. On the one hand, you don’t try to out-troll King Troll. You’ll never win. Ask Marco Rubio. On the other hand, if they’re trying to damage his presidency, the shrewdest thing they could do would be to keep baiting him. Have Mika call him “President Tinywiener” or whatever. He won’t mention health care again for a week.

The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” delayed their vacation plans so they can return to the air Friday morning and fire back at President Trump’s Twitter attack.

“Joe and Mika were supposed to start their July 4th weekend early by taking Friday off — but following Trump’s tweet, they postponed their trip by day so they can be back on air Friday morning to sling some ‘bad blood’ back at Trump,” an MSNBC source told The Post.

That’s from the New York Post, which summed up Trump’s Twitter salvo this morning in a three-word editorial. Speaking of which, some new data from Trump’s favorite network via a poll conducted before he took on Scarborough and Brzezinski. Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on much, but ask them whether they think Trump’s Twitter habit is helping or hurting his agenda and the partisan stars align:

Overall, 46 percent disapprove of his tweeting, 39 percent wish he’d be more “cautious” (good luck), and just 13 percent approve. Bear those numbers in mind the next time a White House aide defends his Twitter habit on grounds that it’s his pipeline to the public, free of the distorting media filter. It could be that if he were more judicious in what he tweeted, but he is who he is. As Sarah Huckabee Sanders said today at the daily briefing, “They knew what they were getting when they voted for Donald Trump.”

By the way:

That’s the second time today Ingraham has tweeted that Trump should take the high road and move on. Someone pretty clearly doesn’t want that press secretary job.