CNN's Van Jones on Project Veritas video: This "Russia thing" is a "nothingburger"

Interesting, especially in light of the network’s hype over last night’s “Russia Connection” special. But, like Ben Shapiro, I wish I could see more of the exchange.

By “the Russia thing,” does he mean he thinks the whole collusion theory is bogus, that the campaign hackings last year have been blown out of proportion, or something else? Does he think the investigation is a nothingburger with respect to Trump — which is true, so far — but maybe not with respect to Paul Manafort or Jared Kushner? I assume PV’s stinger asked him specifically whether he thinks CNN has overcovered the story. (They asked producer John Bonifield why the network is laser-focused on Russiagate, to which he replied, “Because it’s ratings.”) How did Jones answer that question? Or maybe the stinger didn’t have a chance. The bearded guy walking up when Jones says “There’s nothing that you can do…” appears to have interrupted the conversation.

The Daily Beast reached out to a CNN spokesman for a response to the video. His reply: “LOL.”

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