Pelosi to critics: Let's face it, I'm an "astute leader" and "master legislator"

This plays like a cross between Captain Queeg talking about the missing strawberries and Ron Burgundy talking about how his apartment smells of mahogany. How often do you see a 77-year-old forced to make the case publicly that they shouldn’t be fired from a job after years of terrible performance?

The answer, I guess: “Very often, every November in even-numbered years.”

It was Pelosi, not Trump, who ended up as the biggest anchor in the Georgia special election on Tuesday night, reigniting the sporadic efforts among centrist Democrats (or what’s left of them) to oust her as minority leader. Ohioan Tim Ryan challenged her last year after Trump’s sweep through the Rust Belt, arguing that Pelosi’s brand of coastal limousine liberalism had alienated white working-class voters. He lost, and now Ossoff lost, so here comes a second push to dislodge her. Republicans, of course, are happy to sit back and troll as the spectacle plays out:

Good luck with that bipartisan infrastructure bill, champ. Anyway, a question for Democrats: If you’re serious about impeaching Trump in 2019 if your party takes back the House next fall, who’s a better face for that effort? Pelosi, whose name is a curse word even among Republicans who aren’t thrilled with Trump, or a no-name like Ryan who can’t be pigeonholed as easily as a a hyper-liberal responsible for saddling America with ObamaCare? What do you gain by sticking with Pelosi at this point knowing that the earliest possible opportunity she’ll have to get legislation passed again will come in 2021, when she’s 81 years old?

Anyway. She’s nervous.