Kellyanne Conway: You can't attack your opponents in a personal way and not expect violence to result

Even if you agree with the basic “climate of hate” point here, that disparagement leads to dehumanization leads to violence, let’s have some self-awareness about whom she works for. The president has spit enough venom on Twitter to fill an insult dictionary on the Times website with more than 300 entries. He’s attacked his opponents’ spouses and parents. He’s being sued in Kentucky as I write this for incitement to violence against protesters at his rallies and the complaint has withstood a motion to dismiss. No C-in-C in my lifetime has been more prone to ad hominems. He’s an honest-to-goodness virtuoso. Conway’s right, of course, that much of the left is frothing-rabid in its Trump-hate, right down to her point about liberals cheering if she were to drop dead tomorrow. But you can’t complain about the tragic tendency of partisans to favor personal attacks over policy critiques when you work in the Trump White House.

I mean, you can, but you’ll sound ridiculous. And if and when some nut on the right goes the Hodgkinson route, Trump’s urge to personalize his own political disagreements will be thrown in her face.

Here she is followed by Jeff Flake, who agrees with her that the tone in politics now is too raw. If only certain politicians would stop calling people “losers”….