Here we go: Pro-Trump group launches attack ad against ... Jim Comey

If this keeps up, Comey might not get reelected next year.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an attack ad aimed at congressional testimony, but since the White House farted away its plan to develop a “war room” to counter Comey and other Russiagate developments, this’ll have to do — along with the president’s live-tweeting, of course. Besides, when was the last time congressional testimony was so hotly anticipated that the major broadcast networks were planning to carry it throughout the day? A lot of opinions about Trump’s credibility will be formed Thursday among otherwise apolitical viewers. Trump’s surrogates, in this case the Great America Alliance (a.k.a. Tomi Lahren’s new employer), are being proactive in attacking Comey’s credibility first.

One obvious mystery while you watch is why the president insisted on sticking with such a supposedly untrustworthy, discredited public servant right up until he started causing problems for him on the Russia/Flynn investigation. Why not fire him on day one? Exit question via a Twitter pal: Since when do Trump fans dislike “showboats”?