Here we go: Hillary launching "Onward Together" PAC next week to rebuild her political influence

Here we go: Hillary launching "Onward Together" PAC next week to rebuild her political influence

Yes, I know, people on the right should greet this news with cheer given Hillary’s reverse Midas touch on the Democratic Party. But really, it’s long past time for America to be done with these people. It feels like the reboot, or I guess re-reboot, of an especially bad superhero franchise. It’s “Aquaman: The New Generation.”

Besides, this will force the media to pay more attention than they already do to Chelsea Clinton’s calculated woke takes on social media. If that’s possible.

The former secretary of state is building a new political group to fund organizations working on the resistance to President Donald Trump’s agenda, spending recent weeks in Washington, New York City, and Chappaqua, N.Y. meeting with donors and potential groups to invest in, and recruiting individuals for the group’s board of directors, multiple people close to the two-time White House hopeful and people familiar with the group’s planning told POLITICO.

She is looking to launch the group, expected to be called Onward Together — a nod to her campaign slogan, Stronger Together — as soon as next week, they say. Clinton’s spokesman declined to comment for this story.

Hillary has “no intention of making it a vehicle to run for anything herself,” swears Mike Allen, per his sources. The PAC is just a mechanism to throw money at “organizations that are the product of the energy and activism she has seen since the election,” whatever that means. (Describing herself as a member of “the Resistance” in this week’s interview with Christiane Amanpour should have been the first clue about a comeback.) I tend to buy that, only because there must be some theoretical limit to the humiliation this woman is willing to endure in pursuit of her dream of becoming president. Losing to Trump once made her infamous; losing to him twice — or, worse, getting trounced in the 2020 primary by a party that now views her as inept and out of touch — would move her into her own category of loserdom in the annals of American politics, assuming she’s not there already. She won’t risk it. I think the PAC is just a way to return to the party’s good graces now that she’s become synonymous with the ineffectual Wall-Street-friendly neoliberalism that the young Berniebros of America despise. It’s a bit like Romney stumping for Republican candidates during the midterm campaign of 2014, scrubbing the stink of defeat off himself by being a good soldier for the people who voted for him. It was a legacy play. So is this.

I hope. Anyone who could convince herself that she shouldn’t campaign in Michigan because she was weak there can probably convince herself that America’s ready for her to try one more time to make it down the electoral slope without skiing into a tree. I bet she sees polls like this and thinks, “All I need to do is be Not Trump!” Even though … that was precisely the strategy she ran on last time, and it blew up in her face.

With President Trump’s first 100 days in office a decidedly mixed bag, it begs the question: do voters miss his predecessor in the White House?

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 49% of Likely U.S. Voters say they miss having President Obama in the White House, while 46% do not.

Barely 100 days in and even the most pro-Trump pollster out there has a near-majority pining for the previous administration. Although Hillary may not intend to run again, the PAC allows her to hang around and retain some cachet in the party just in case Trump’s popularity totally collapses and some leadership vacuum opens up among Democrats. Elizabeth Warren could have some sort of scandal, Bernie and Joe Biden might conclude that they’re too old to run (but then, they might not!), and so on. Surely there’s some hypothetical job approval number for Trump so low that even an aimless, charmless, hapless Hillary Clinton campaign could succeed in defeating him. All she needs to do is wait to see if he hits that number. If not, hey — at least she’ll have bribed some leftist groups into hating her a little less.

Here’s Democrat Richard Blumenthal wondering if maybe Hillary’s right-hand man Huma Abedin belongs in prison.

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