Video: What's going on in this anti-terrorist ad in the Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial race?

An enjoyable trifle on a slow news day. Will Rahn made me laugh: “Virginia Lt. Gov race now has an ad where suburban terrorists…rob a house? Go on a shopping run?” Watch and tell me he’s wrong. “If we don’t stop ISIS over there,” quips Ken White, “they will take our DVD players here.”

What the hell’s going on here? Are they robbing a house or do they live next door and are on their way to carry out a terror attack? If they’re on their way, why are they already dressed in the most suspicious clothing they could possibly wear, making it easier for cops to spot them en route? If you’re going to do an ad about a mom and her kids being threatened by terrorists, why not have the terrorists actually threaten them instead of running past and driving away? Have them double back and steal mom’s groceries, for fark’s sake. They’re jihadi bastards, willing to stop at nothing. They’d probably take the soccer ball too.