Sunday morning talking heads

It’s an A-list morning on the Sunday shows to mark Trump’s first hundred days in office. The star guest: Trump himself, who’ll sit down with “Face the Nation” to talk health care, tax reform, and North Korea, all of which are going nowhere at the moment. Although not for lack of last-minute trying:

Trump’s promise last Friday to deliver a tax plan within five days startled no one more than Gary Cohn, his chief economic adviser writing the plan. Not a single word of a plan was on paper, several administration officials said, and Treasury officials worked all weekend to draft a one-page summary of his principles with a news conference the president demanding the action…

When White House officials demanded last week a health care vote by the 100-day mark, Speaker Paul Ryan was traveling in Europe and taken aback. The leader of the House of Representatives wasn’t in on the plan, had no desire to vote this week and feared it wasn’t even possible. No one even knew what the bill would say because the language had not been written.

“It was totally insane,” one senior GOP aide said. “It made no sense. There was no reason to say a vote was happening this week.”

A number of White House officials only learned of the president’s plan to sign an executive order removing the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement — and tout it during a 100-day rally in Pennsylvania — after it appeared in news reports.

Sometimes I think he cares more about the “first hundred days” concept than he lets on. Elsewhere this morning, Mike Pence will defend the administration’s record as the lead guest on “Meet the Press” while Chuck Schumer will appear on “Fox News Sunday” to declare that everything is terrible. And John McCain will be on “State of the Union” to make the case that we should be intervening somewhere, anywhere. The full line-up is at the AP.