Video: The great Trump autograph psych-out; Update: Or was it?

To cleanse the palate on a slow news day, the funniest Trump moment since he gave out Lindsey Graham’s cell-phone number at a campaign rally. Or since he fired Mike Flynn. Either one.

I think he did it absent-mindedly, although I’ve never seen a celebrity even absent-mindedly autograph a piece of merchandise a fan has handed to him and then just toss it into the crowd. Did he used to do that with “Apprentice” stuff or was this something new in the spirit of the day? If you’re going to have kids fighting over Easter eggs, I guess they might as well be fighting over signed hats too.

This kid learned a hard lesson today about being a beta male.

Update: Most of the jokes I’ve seen today about the six-foot-tall Easter Bunny beside Trump mention Chris Christie, but this one’s pretty good too:

Update: Melania is an asset to the administration.

Update: Another angle has emerged — and it wasn’t a psych-out at all!