Video: Yes, yes, the new "Star Wars" trailer is out. Here you go.

You’ve watched it six times elsewhere already, though, haven’t you? Really, this fetish is unbecoming.

Just a teaser trailer, designed to whet your appetite without giving away key plot details, but it looks like the original Mary Sue (Luke Skywalker) will be training the next-gen Mary Sue (Rey) in the ways of the Jedi, a parallel of Luke’s training with Obi Wan and Yoda. Star Wars XXVII, in which Rey trains a next-next-next-next-gen Mary Sue, should be hitting theaters sometime around 2050.

And yes, Carrie Fisher will be in it. The big mystery: Which iconic character’s child or grandchild will Rey turn out to be? The galaxy may be vast but “Star Wars” is a very small world.