Sunday morning talking heads

As I write this on Saturday morning, the Sunday schedule is suspiciously light on White House surrogates or representatives from the House GOP leadership. I assume they’re waiting to draw straws today to see which unlucky bastard has to go out and spin Friday’s meltdown over health care. There are a few Republican critics of the failed bill on tap, though. Representing conservatives will be Jim Jordan, who’ll be on “Fox News Sunday” to make the case for full repeal, while Tom Cotton will be on “Face the Nation” to argue for a populist do-over. John Kasich will also sit down with “State of the Union” to pronounce the demise of the bill a good thing for GOP governors who would have faced local anger otherwise over the rollbacks to Medicaid.

The other topic competing with the fiasco over health care is the fiasco within the House Intelligence Committee over Russiagate and possible incidental surveillance of Trump’s transition team. Democrat Adam Schiff, who’s hinted that GOP chairman Devin Nunes should be removed from overseeing the Russia probe, is the lead guest on “Face the Nation.” Expect him to double down on his claim that there’s now more than merely circumstantial evidence of collusion between Trumpers and Russian officials; expect him to also mention Nunes’s curious disappearance the night before he called a press conference to accuse federal officials of “unmasking” Trump transition members in surveillance transcripts. Nunes himself isn’t scheduled this morning as of now, which is surprising, but that might change. Instead, Trey Gowdy will follow Schiff on “Face the Nation” to argue that the real crime in the Russiagate probe is leaking by the U.S. intelligence community.

Also, Bernie Sanders will be on “State of the Union” to take a victory lap over the health-care bill’s defeat and probably call for single-payer. The full line-up is at the AP.