Day 45: Mika Brzezinski already on the brink of a nervous breakdown over Trump

At least she can console herself with the fact that she did nothing to promote Trump in the primaries when he was desperate for legitimacy from establishment political media, right?

Gotta say, watching her slow-motion mental break over Trump is compelling television. In hindsight, barring Kellyanne Conway from the show over credibility problems instead of inviting her on and challenging her, as virtually any other “news” program would have done, was probably the first sign. We may be only days away from Brzezinski inevitably walking off the set while on the air, too emotional to continue, because Trump tweeted something new about Obama’s birth certificate or whatever. Question for her and Joe: What did they think they’d be getting in the White House if Trump won, back when they were doing their “he’s really shaking up the system” tapdance routine in 2015? “This is not funny,” Brzezinski intones at one point here. Right. It’s never been funny. When did she finally figure that out?

I give them some credit, though, for not pulling their punches on Trump even after Joe met with him last week before his speech to Congress. It’d be the easiest thing for this show to rebuild its access to the White House by going easy on the president. Instead they’re doing this. The charitable explanation for that is that Scarborough feels obliged to call ’em as he sees ’em, even if it costs him. The less charitable explanation is that Scarborough has more to lose by alienating his many establishment friends if he kisses up to Trump than he does by alienating Trump in attacking him. You can have a show that makes Trump fans happy or you can have a show that makes Mark Halperin fans, such as they are, happy, but not both. Which sort of show has Scarborough spent the past 10 years running?

Don’t be daunted by the number of clips, by the way. The first and last are each very short. I just couldn’t find one video that captured the full breadth of Brzezinski’s performance this morning.