Sunday morning talking heads

There are no Trump surrogates booked for this morning’s shows as I write this on Saturday, a surprising absence given the success of his speech on Tuesday night. Today should have been a victory lap for the White House. Instead, thanks to the Sessions/Russia story, they’re evidently lying low. In particular, unless something suddenly changed last night, Kellyanne Conway will have Sunday off for the fourth week in a row.

It’s Democrats who are out in force, looking to capitalize. Both minority leaders in Congress are scheduled this morning: Chuck Schumer is the lead guest on “Meet the Press” while Nancy Pelosi drops by “State of the Union.” each to explain why their long-forgotten-but-now-remembered meetings with high-ranking Russians are different from Sessions’s. Dem Sens. Mark Warner and Chris Coons will also be on “Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday,” respectively, to discuss the Russia probe. Warner is worth paying special attention to, as he’s the ranking member on the Senate Intelligence Committee that’s leading the inquiry. If news is going to be made this morning about the state of the investigation, he’s the one who’ll make it.

Another member of the Committee is the star Republican guest today. That’s Marco Rubio, who’ll be on “Meet the Press” and “State of the Union.” You would think the GOP would want a more reliable Trumpist than Rubio on to do damage control for Sessions. As it is, he criticized Rex Tillerson on Thursday for not speaking up more boldly on human rights and has hinted in the recent past that he’s gung ho to see where the Intelligence Committee’s Russia probe might lead.

Finally, former Obama DNI James Clapper will drop by “Meet the Press” to answer charges that intelligence pros from the previous administration are trying to sabotage Trump with leaks. The full line-up is at the AP.