Chris Cuomo: The term "fake news" is like the "N-word" for journalists

Via Mediaite. In an age of identity politics and overweening media sanctimony about their own importance, it seems inevitable that we’d reach a point where impugning a reporter’s work would be compared to the most notorious racial slur in American history. We can’t be more than a week away from a hot take at Slate in which Trump mocking the Times as a “failing” newspaper is treated as a “rhetorical lynching” or whatever.

That’s the presidential criticism that has Cuomo reaching for racial-oppression analogies to explain his pain. But guess what?

Earlier in the day he called “fake news” something on the order of an “ethnic disparagement.” You would think that people who work in communications professionally and who surely understand just how unpopular and untrusted they are, even vis-a-vis the Trump administration, would be careful about grandiose self-pity, but I think we’re apt to see more of this rather than less. The press has convinced itself to some extent that it’s the last obstacle between Trump and outright tyranny, and when you’re in a war like that, you’re destined to fight with any weapon to hand. Cuomo’s just picking up the nearest rock here. And, inadvertently, hitting himself in the head with it.

Update: And here’s the inevitable apology.

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Ed Morrissey 10:01 AM on June 02, 2023