"Is CNN fake news?": Tapper battles Kellyanne Conway over terrorism and Trump's media criticism for 25 minutes

CNN made a point yesterday of noting that it had declined an appearance by Conway on Tapper’s Sunday show, allegedly due to “serious questions about her credibility.” (Conway insisted that she skipped the Sunday programs this week due to family obligations.) If the network is so concerned about her willingness to tell the truth, why would they invite her back today, to face Tapper for nearly a full half-hour? Watch and see. Hoo boy.

Things get hopping at around 3:30, when he challenges her on what Trump said yesterday about the media refusing to cover certain terror attacks. Rarely do you see a straight-news reporter make his annoyance at White House demagoguery of the media as crystal clear as Tapper does here, culminating in an invitation to Conway to call CNN “fake news” on its own airwaves. That’s clearly what Trumpers watching would have wanted — but Conway is surprisingly conciliatory for all 25 minutes, conceding that CNN isn’t fake news, that she’s sorry for her “Bowling Green massacre” screw-up, and so on. That’s not what I would have expected given the network’s overt attempt to question her credibility yesterday and Trump’s eagerness for his surrogates to be combative with the media, but that’s how it went. Hmmm.

Exit question: If Sean Spicer had been as conciliatory as Conway, especially with a Trump target as hated as CNN, would his job be in trouble? Read this before answering.