"You should stick to the thigh-high boots": Tucker Carlson vs. Teen Vogue writer

On this slow pre-holiday news day, kindly enjoy the celebrated cable-news food fight du jour. This interview was booked, I assume, in the belief that it’d be what I’ll call a “bop-bag segment,” in which the host brings on a guest who’s not as practiced as he is at political debate, especially on television, and ends up knocking him/her down repeatedly for the entertainment of the hometown fans. Duca came to play, though. I think Dave Weigel’s basically right that Carlson started goofing on “Teen Vogue” halfway through only because she wasn’t as much of a pushover in the first half as the audience might have liked. (The audio cuts out on Duca’s parting shot, in which she calls him a “sexist pig” for his crack about her sticking to writing about boots.) The give and take makes for good TV; Fox News should book her more often. If CNN can have a stable of dedicated spinners for Trump like Kayleigh McEnany and Jeffrey Lord, surely Fox can spare 10 minutes a day for an anti-Trumper like Duca to have slapfights with Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity.

Exit question: Is it true that it objectifies Ivanka Trump to say that she looks like she smells like vanilla? I would have said lavender, but really, she’s very appealing.