Hillary to celebrate dismal failure with ritzy party for rich donors -- paid for by campaign funds

An essential companion piece to the other big Hillary story this morning, detailing just how inept her mega-bucks campaign was when it counted. The fact that she’s throwing a party for her biggest contributors tomorrow to toast to her squandering their money was already public knowledge. What wasn’t known until now, I believe, was that that party will itself be paid for with, um, their squandered money. For all the heat Jill Stein has taken for fleecing dumb liberals to pay for a doomed recount, Hillary was and apparently will remain the master at getting Democrats to chip in for hapless political vanity projects.

To think, if another 110,000 votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania has gone the other way, the Saudis would have paid for this party.

On December 15, Clinton is having a big party in Manhattan at the Plaza Hotel, once owned by Trump, for her campaign donors, as a sort of thank-you and keep-in-touch farewell. It is expected to cost more than $100,000 and be paid for with excess campaign funds. Clintonworld insiders will be interested to see if [Huma] Abedin shows up or whether she chooses to skip the celebration to stay at home to nurse her wounds.

At least she’s leaving politics the way she lived it, kibitzing in Manhattan with bankers who paid top dollar to be in her presence. Ed covered most of the highlights of the Politico piece this morning describing how she blew it in Michigan, but he didn’t flag this part. Imagine having kicked in a million bucks to Clinton’s campaign and finding out that this is what your money was used for:

There was no plausible scenario in which Clinton might win the electoral college but lose the popular vote. There was, of course, a plausible scenario in which the opposite happened, but Hillary and her dumb advisors were so blindly confident in their Rust Belt “firewall” that they thought they could afford to worry about the optics of winning the presidency without having won the most votes nationwide. Now imagine being one of the invitees to tomorrow’s party, reflecting on all of that, and realizing that whatever was left over from your donation will be put towards paying for a big soiree at which Hillary herself will thank you for having stupidly trusted her. Gonna be a lot of forced smiles at the Plaza.

The excerpt above, by the way, comes from a Vanity Fair piece on the fate of Huma Abedin, who’s spent half her life becoming the crony di tutti cronies in ClintonWorld only to find that she backed the wrong horse — twice, given her alter ego as Mrs. Anthony Weiner. “Maybe I’m just pissed off,” said one Clinton advisor to VF, “but I really don’t give a sh*t about what happens to Huma to be honest with you.” Without Weiner’s teen sexting scandal, there’s probably no new Comey letter in late October; without the new Comey letter in late October, we might be preparing for a Clinton presidency now and Huma might be preparing to be deputy White House chief of staff. What does she do now? Much like the Clinton Foundation, her main political asset is top access to Hillary Clinton, and today that asset is worth virtually nothing. The Foundation can go on rattling its cup in the name of charity but where does Abedin go, especially with other precincts of ClintonWorld angry at her? Ah well. There’s always lobbying.